End of photography as I knew it

A couple years ago I was heading to the gallery where my photographs from a recent exhibition were hanging. The idea was to take them down. But that morning a scout from Ralph Lauren came in and was considering using the gallery and the pictures as a backdrop for a fashion photo shoot. The gallery and I agreed we should leave them up a bit longer just in case they actually did.

On the way home I got thinking isn’t it ironic that a big wig clothing corporation was thinking about using my pics as a backdrop for high fashion? When it comes to corporate culture, I avoid it like the plague. Unless of course I’m making fun of it.

Thinking further I thought why not appropriate a few Ralph Lauren model photos and photoshop them in next to my pictures?

I decided to put circles on the faces, just like John Baldessari does. This really makes them true art.

It turns out that they selected another venue for their photo shoot.

But from that point forward my art was never the same.

It was to signal the end of photography as I knew it.