Statuary and Selfies

In Italy I was surrounded by two types of figures. Statues and tourists. Both often have a self-centered appearance as if posing for the world. And in a way they were. One was posing for the artist’s hand to chiselĀ into stone or mold into plaster. A statue that would last for the world to see. The other was posing for a selfie to be posted on the internet, also for the world to see. Which one will last longer is hard to say.

Occasionally I would see a statue that appeared to be taking a selfie. That would truly confuse me. Possibly it was just a mirror. Which makes me think, a selfie is an awful lot like a mirror.

Once in awhile I’d find a statue that was extremely unhappy. I also found that people doing selfies can be that way too.

But most statues and people had a certain elegance and charm about them.

and diversity….

Lastly I found that photographing statues was easy. They didn’t care if you took their picture and so I just raised the camera to my eye and composed. People on the other hand are on guard. So I shot off the hip. Often getting some strange cut-offs that in the end seemed to work well for what I was shooting.