Border Tour

Took a trip along the Arizona border, dipping into Mexico to check out the scene.

Let’s Face It

Let’s Face It Flash fiction by Robert Castagna, 950 words She was the gem of the century and she knew it looking into the mirror at her beautiful face. She would spend hours with hair and makeup and grew accustomed to viewing herself as someone else. Looking at her face, her skin, her hair as […]

How to Fail/Fall as an Artist

So many books about how to succeed in art. What about how to fail/fall? Find my latest chapbook in stores and cafes near you or contact me directly for a free copy.


Select Italian photographs from the collection on display at Rolly-Michaux Gallery

Trevi Fountain

6 X 7 feet photo montage Have you been to the Trevi Fountain recently? If so, it’s beautiful. The bleached white stone, the edifice behind and the gods wrestling with nature. There’s something we can learn from it even today. However what caught my attention was the mass movement of people doing selfies. In homage […]


As I walked up the steps to Morandi’s studio in Bologna I was excited to see how he worked. I was greeted by a minder that made me sign away my rights to any photos I took within the studio. So what I have left is this stairway. And my week-long infatuation with Morandi upon […]

Draw/Erase Project

journal entry Draw Erase 22X30 inches graphite, watercolor on paper Draw Erase Shoot 22X30 inches graphite, watercolor, ink on paper sketch for silkscreen, graphite, watercolor and ink sketch for silkscreen, graphite, watercolor assemblage and mixed media linocut print Draw Erase Collage 22X30 inches graphite, watercolor, collage on paper Voice Veil Erase 22X30 inches graphite, watercolor, lipstick […]

Off the Hip

While in Italy recently I took to the streets with my camera, something I haven’t done with real verve in some time. My new method was shooting straight from the hip.

Statuary and Selfies

In Italy I was surrounded by two types of figures. Statues and tourists. Both often have a self-centered appearance as if posing for the world. And in a way they were. One was posing for the artist’s hand to chisel into stone or mold into plaster. A statue that would last for the world to see. […]

Slavery and the Constitution

The reverence and brilliance with which the Constitution is regarded casts a glow upon it that often deflects scrutiny. But seeing race play out over and over on the contemporary scene I became more and more fascinated with the origins of our race problem. I’ve read the Constitution three times over the last few years […]