The American Road trip

The American road trip is the quintessential photographer’s experience. It probably dates back to the depression-era photographers of the FSA such as Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans and others. Then followed by Robert Frank. My personal experiences started with my honeymoon when we decided to travel 8,000 miles¬†traveling along Route 2 to Montana and then South to Big Bend National Park and back to Boston from there. One giant loop.

That initial trip has been followed by dozens of others so that eventually every state was covered. 

Road trips mean national parks, Native American reservations, camping, researching history, drawing and long drives with music on open roads. Photography has not always lead my ambitions but it has been a common thread.

It is in these experiences that history is tangible and can be felt in the ghosts of places.

Small towns can be savored, sunrises can be moments fixed in time and of course the road can be exhausting. But in the end the pictures help focus the memory on wonderful times.