Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Rally, Town Field Park Dorchester MA

Black Lives Matter march from Dudley Square to the Massachusetts State House

The streets of Boston, and all of America, are filled with the surreal sights of people wearing masks to ward off a pandemic and the high tension of racial injustice so often resurfacing in our complex history as a nation. 

The tensions are especially high in the Trump era. A president that seems to bask in the glory of division.

Set off by the police killing of George Floyd, the murder was captured on film by a 17 year old girl, 8 minutes and 46 seconds of brutality.

A ritual of prayer and song at the Harriet Tubman statue and park in Boston. 

My biggest hope are the young activists like this, leading the march forward to a new America that embraces everyone of color and diversity.

This portfolio is an ongoing project of the Black Lives Matter movement based in Boston.